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Seminole Petroleum fuels growth for Tribe

Seminole Petroleum rolled out its new name and freshly painted tanker trucks Oct. 28 at the company’s bulk fuel processing plant in Naples. Tribal officials introduced the Seminole Petroleum management team as they celebrated the transition to the new brand with a luncheon at the Naples plant.

The petroleum distributor provides fuel and lubricant products to retailers and other companies in Florida with a fleet of fuel tankers and smaller trucks, all of which prominently display the Seminole Petroleum name and the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. logo.

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Cattle feast on fruit and vegetables at Brighton feedlot

BRIGHTON — Most reputable weight loss programs endorse eating fresh fruits and vegetables for health benefits and as a way to lose those excess pounds. That may be true for humans, but in Brighton the cattle have been eating their fill of produce and gaining weight steadily.

Brighton’s recycled produce cattle feed program, which has been in place at the feedlot for three years, has been a cost saver and efficient weight increaser. Eating typical cattle feed, cows gain about 1.75 pounds per day; eating the produce mix they can gain about 2.5 pounds per day.

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Government contracts: Good business

The federal government spends nearly $350 billion a year on goods and services, making it the world’s largest consumer.

Almost a year ago, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. (STOFI) Board of Directors made the decision to try to enter the federal government marketplace. We hired Dawn Houle, a Chippewa-Cree from Montana and former Chief of Staff of the National Indian Gaming Commission, who is dedicated and preparing key STOFI businesses for selling to the government.

What are the benefits of doing business in this sector?

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Board’s ventures booming in Brighton

BRIGHTON — Business is booming in Brighton, where the Board’s ventures are thriving.

“Oranges, sugar cane and the RV Resort are all in the black,” said Board Rep. Larry Howard. “The shell pit will show a profit later this year with the completion of the pending job that was delayed from last year.”

Brighton is home to 366.5 acres of orange groves; 174 at Tucker Ridge and 192.5 at Flowing Well. Eight truckloads of Hamlin and Valencia oranges were recently harvested and sold. The groves were in disrepair and required a lot of work when the Board took charge of them in 2011.

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Profit Reigns at Annual Shareholders Meeting

HOLLYWOOD — The annual Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.’s shareholders meeting Jan. 9 welcomed several newcomers to Board offices, reported good news overall for 2015 and predicted profits for 2016 through continued business diversification.

But before talk about dollars and cents commenced, the Cowbone Band ushered more than 250 Tribal citizens into the Hard Rock Live concert hall turned conference room with thoughtful music.

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The Bōl opens at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

COCONUT CREEK — When the Seminole casinos introduce something new, they go big or go home. After the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood introduced the Pan-Asian restaurant, The Bōl, to its customers in 2013, it proved a huge success. Now, the Asian legacy has made its way to the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.

The Bōl opened its doors on May 26. At a private opening prior to the public reveal, Tribal and restaurant representatives offered kind words about the casino’s new venture and honored guests watched a traditional dragon dance and live entertainment.

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