Potential Business Opportunities

Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. Economic Development Guidelines and Requirements for Potential Business Opportunities


The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. (STOFI) is a Section 17 federal corporation. The Board of Directors is charged with advancing the economic development of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. for assured economic independence. With an expansive array of existing businesses already in its portfolio, STOFI continues to look for opportunities to expand its family of products and services. These opportunities may be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration through a Potential Business Opportunities (PBO) process outlined below.

Limitations and Restrictions

Although the Board of Directors may choose to consider a variety of PBOs, there are a few that have been presented and were chosen not to be considered at this time. Those businesses are related to the marketing and distribution of cannabis and hemp extracts including cannabis oil, distillate, isolate and API grade cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, THCV, etc.

Application Procedures

Tribal members and non-tribal entrepreneurs may submit their PBO’s to STOFI for consideration by providing the below listed application evaluation criteria to PBO@SemTribe.com . A committee of selected STOFI Board Executives will then review the information to ensure there is a complete application with all the required documents. It is suggested to have a comprehensive business plan outlining the PBO. Once the information is carefully reviewed, the committee may request additional information or may conduct a preliminary interview. The committee will decide and communicate if the applicant has advanced to the second phase of the process. If successful, a formal presentation will be required to pitch to the full Board of Directors. All advanced BPOs will require a mandatory background check of principal members.

Application Evaluation Criteria (if applicable)

  • Executive Summary: outline your business idea, why you believe in it, what makes the concept unique or desirable.
  • The Business/Industry Overview: describe the industry, the trends and how you intend to overcome competition.
  • Sales and Marketing Plan: an explanation of your sales strategy, pricing plan and include your proposed advertising and promotion activities.
  • Ownership and/or Management Plan: outline your business’s legal structure and management resources. Include internal management team, any external management resources and how you envision STOFI’s participation.
  • Operating Plan: list the physical location of the proposed business, the number of employees needed, and any other applicable operating details.
  • Financial Plan: a detailed description of your funding requirements and sources, your detailed financial statements and investments, and a Pro Forma.
  • Other: Please feel free to include additional information not listed.